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Mango Pulp

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Alphonso Mango 🥭 Pulp 🍯

$14.99 for 16oz Glass Bottle

Only available for pickup from Fremont AumPi store

Limited Quantity Limited Time

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Free home delivery in the Bay Area.

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Mango Box 📦


Weight: 2.7kg (~6 pounds), 9 to 12 big premium mangos.


Weight: 3.7kg (~8.2 pounds), 8 to 10 big premium mangos.


Weight: 3.7kg (~8.2 pounds), 5 to 8 big premium mangos.


ALPHONSO mango from Devgad Maharashtra.
KESAR mango from Talala (Gir) Junagadh Gujarat.

BANGANPALLE mango from Banaganapalli, Andhra Pradesh.

RAJAPURI mango from Gujarat.

Ripening and Care

Mangos will be semi-ripe or ripe.
Learn more about ripening here.

Ripening and Storing Mangos

Alphonso Mango Disclaimer

Please read about Alphonso Mango Disclaimer here